23.08.2015 A highly-praised play about dementia called Eg heiter Bente premiers this Friday at Det Norske Teateret with music by yours sincerely.

05.08.2015 Here’s my latest little ditty from the upcoming cavediving movie “Diving into the Unknown”

(The film premiers in Finland Spring 2016)

01.07.2015  Nice to see that the films we were involved in last year  – Brødre and 1001gram received several nominations in the Norwegian «Oscars », Amanda Film Award. Including a nomination for best music for 1001gram.


showreel filmmusikk komponist

Filmmusic Portfolio

Brenner & Bøkene
La liste de mes envies
Feature Film
1001 gram
Feature Film
O’ Horten
Feature Film
From here on it got rough




KAADA (full name : John Erik Kaada) is a Norwegian composer, currently working in Oslo, surrounded by trees, computers and musical instruments. He has made several albums and has toured in Asia, USA and Europe. Kaada has amassed over 35 filmmusic credits in his time in the movie industry, incl. the French (2014) block-buster “La liste de mes envies” and the latest Bent Hamer movie “1001 gram” (2014). In addition to writing his scores, he also performs many of the instruments heard in many of his compositions. Kaada is known for his collection and inclusion of rare and unusual instruments from around the world and for having made a bunch of non-ordinary instruments himself.






Soloalbum Album Releases

2009 Junkyard Nostalgias
2006 Music for Moviebikers
2004 MeCd
2001 Thank you for giving me your valuable time

Band Album Releases

2012 Kaada and the latebloomers
2007 Kaada / Patton – Live (DVD)
2004 Kaada / Patton – Romances
1998 – Cloroform- 6 albums

Filmmusic TV-series

Sofia Flux og det magiske høreapparatet (2014)
Kampen om Nilen (2014)
Koselig med Peis (2011)


Diving into the unknown(2015)
Brødre (2015)
Gulosten (2015)
Sunshine Superman (2015)
1001 Gram (2014)
La liste de mes envies (2014)
All Roads Lead (2013)
Flicker (2012)
Skogens Konge (2012)
Sju Kammers – Frontsøstrene (2011)
Jeg reiser alene (2011)
Videogutten (2011)
Hjem til jul (2010)
Prøvetid (2008)
Mannen som elsket Yngve (2008)
O’ Horten (2007)
Natural Born Star (2007)
It’s Hard to Be a Rock’n Roller (2006)
Hawaii, Oslo (2004)
Immediate Boarding(2003)
7th Heaven (2003)
Warren Miller’s Journey (2003)
De beste går først (2002)
Folk flest bor i Kina (2002)
Tyven, tyven (2002)
Alt om min far (2002)
Mongoland (2001)


12 mellomrom

kaada live


kaada solo

14 mellomrom

15 picture kaada symphonic orchestra











  • “Kaada is the best thing to come out of Norway since Leif Erikson set sail for America”

    Concussion Magazine
  • “It seems like you can always count on some know-it-all from Europe to put an interestingly bent take on classically American music“

    The Local Planet
  • “Once again, the fair nation of Norway has dropped an innovative music bomb, this time in the form of quirky, pop art mad artist Kaada”

    Groovy Stylie

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